Homeless Prevention Services Application

This program provides emergency services to very low income residents of Inyo, Mono, and Alpine counties and includes:

Rental/Deposit Assistance
Assistance may be provided to those at or below the level of “very-low income” (as defined by HUD) in the county in which they reside. This helps those at imminent risk of becoming homeless, those who are homeless, or who may need assistance obtaining long term residency by way of rental deposits or first month’s rent.

Motel Vouchers
Motel vouchers are provided under emergency circumstances for individuals or households with incomes at or below the poverty level (as defined by HUD) in the county in which they reside. Vouchers can only be issued in extreme weather conditions for those who have no alternative to sleeping in the out-of-doors.

Required Documents
For all household members 18 years and older the following documents must be provided:

• A current photo identification
• Documentation of income for 30 days. Income includes all money that is received by any member of the household (e.g. wages, SSA, SSI, SDI, TANF or child support).
• The most current bank statement is required of all applicants and may be used of proof income for SSA/SSI benefit payments under certain circumstances.
• For rental assistance, a written lease agreement must be provided and identify applicant as tenant, landlord as payee, property location, rent amount and terms, signed and dated by both parties.

Please carefully read and fill out the entire application. Be thorough and complete in your answers. You must bring the requested documents to your eligibility interview. All information will be verified by IMACA, Inc., and be used for the sole purpose of eligibility for the Homeless Services and Prevention Program.

Appointments are held at the IMACA’s Housing & Homeless Services office at 137 E. South St., Bishop, CA 93514.

Client Initial Consultation/Interview Questions