Looking to the Future

Can we all agree on a happy New Year?

2020 was a year for the books. We entered it with Australia on fire, saw some justice in the #MeToo movement, and began the COVID-19 era. The U.S. felt powerful waves from the Black Lives Matter movement, which eventually hit worldwide, and had a moment of panic over “murder hornets.”  The West Coast caught on fire, we lost our Supreme Court Justice, and we saw the highest voter turnout in the presidential election since 1900, resulting in Joe Biden becoming President-Elect. And that’s not all!

2020 brought unique hardships. In review, most of it simply brought age-old issues to the forefront. Low-income folks and people of color were hit the hardest with COVID-19 – both health-wise and socioeconomically. IMACA knew from the beginning that we provided essential services to our communities. So, while we continue to learn from and adapt to 2020, we also appreciate the opportunities that resulted from such a crazy year!

IMACA has officially rebranded itself with the unveiling of our shiny new logo and the launch of our new and improved website. We are looking to the future, hopeful that 2021 brings relief. And we are always working hard to find more and better ways of serving Inyo and Mono counties.